Differences between Hypnosis and Meditation

10 Feb


Many people are confused with the terms meditation and Hypnosis. Let us have a closer look at these two related terms that differs in the relaxation techniques and methods. Meditation is one thing that helps you to focus your mind on a certain thing. Many find it difficult to keep their mind under control and such people find helpful in meditating. Gradually when they start their journey in meditating, they experience a relaxed state of mind where they experience positive thoughts and a power to relax. It is certain state of mind that lets us to improve concentration and gain knowledge about a particular thing.

Hypnosis is basically divided into self-Hypnosis and the hypnosis that is administered by a secondary person. It is also a state of mind which is reached to attain for some purpose. For example: hypnosis sometimes becomes the part of certain kind of therapy and it is needed to explore hidden facts or memories that are left in the subconscious mind. It helps the user to bring them back once again and to frame the mind by means of repetitive motion of certain key phrases. Those key phrases are known as ‘affirmative statements’.

There are certain sessions where a professional will give required instructions that make a person reach a trance state. This mainly diminishes the separation between the process of hypnosis and meditation even though those sessions do not include affirmative type of statements. The rational mind only can recognize the affirmative form of statements whereas the meditative mantras seems to be meaningless most of the times and hence a person can likely get distracted by it.

Finally, we can conclude saying that exact meditation involves complete involvement of the mind while hypnosis needs active participation of images and thoughts that are visualized by the participant, in order to achieve an exact state of mind associated with a specific target or a goal like to lose weight, to give up smoking etc.

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