Local Hypnotist Knows Key to Keeping Resolutions

26 Jan

Hypnotist Diane Edwards says
“You must align the mind with the body in order to change behaviors”

Maybe you rang in 2010 by resolving to lose weight, exercise more or stop smoking. Three weeks into the New Year, have you kept those resolutions?

Relying on willpower alone to keep the resolution is almost a guarantee to break it. But if this is the year you want to make it happen, Diane can help.

Diane is a Certified Master Hypnotherapist based in San Diego, California. “Hypnosis cuts to the core of the issue,” Edwards said. “Everyone wants to learn the secret to weight loss, but you have to be really ready. For instance, Edwards said, if you’re an emotional eater, exercising for two or three hours a day will be worthless. “You can eat more calories in five minutes than you sweat out in several hours,” he said. What’s more, Edwards said, diets only cause deprivation and are more likely to throw your body and mind out of whack. When that happens, the behavior becomes self-defeating.

Hypnosis helps align the mind with the body leading to long-term results.

“The mind needs nutrition to support brain chemistry. Creating a new body image is literally about making changes in your mind before making changes in your body. When you shift your mindset you can succeed in whatever you want to do.”

So throw out any preconceptions about hypnosis. Hypnosis is not about making you do anything against your will or brainwashing. Instead it works on a deeper subconscious level to help change behaviors permanently, by working on the deeper underlying issues.

Hypnosis can help a person develop confidence especially in challenging circumstances, access peak levels of energy, enhance concentration and focus, chance a negative mindset, and overcome fear, obstacles and limits. For people who struggle with bad habits and weight issues, hypnosis can be a secret weapon.

Diane said “Weight loss starts on the inside. It takes 21 days to make a new habit even though results are experienced just from one session”.


Edwards also brings hypnosis to the masses through seminars and group sessions.  For more information about group sessions call Diane at 1-888-800-8990

Diane Edwards C.M.H. is a leading authority in the field of addictive behaviors and has helped thousands of individuals make positive changes in their lives. For more information on how Hypnosis can help you lose weight, sleep better, change some addictive behavior, or to set up a FREE Consultation, you can call her anytime…..Diane Edwards at 1-888-800-8990
or email  
Visit her Website….

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