All Hypnosis is Self-Hypnosis

25 Dec

  Forget the image of a swinging pendulum or a complete stranger bounding around a stage clucking like a chicken. Hypnosis is most definitely not mind control! In fact, nothing could be further from the truth as no one can use hypnosis to control you. All hypnosis is self- hypnosis. You are in control.

  The human mind is extremely complex and we are nowhere near unraveling its mysteries completely. However we do not know that hypnosis has fantastic therapeutic and healing qualities. All living things in the plant and animal world have one thing in common: all have within them the most incredible capacity to heal. An animal recovers from wounds and illness and a tree can grow new leaves and branches, and we can use our minds to cure ourselves of virtually any ailment. The absolute, unwavering belief in your own ability to heal is key to all self-healing.

  Hypnosis reaches below that part of the mind that does not understand, or maybe does not believe, to that part of the mind that has great belief and full understanding. This is the part of your mind that keeps you going at a level where you do not need to think about it. Your breathing, the beating of your heart, your reflexes, everything that works in your body beyond your conscious thought is being controlled by your sub-conscious mind. And thank goodness it is! Can you imagine the chaos if you could consciously alter all of your subconscious processes. It is believed that over 90% of all diseases and disabilities stem from our minds. This is, of course, impossible to quantify, but if so many illnesses are caused by the human mind, then it is well within the scope of the human mind to cure and prevent these illnesses.

  The unconscious part of the mind doesn’t distinguish the difference between what is real and unreal, what is imagined and what is fact. As a consequence anything the unconscious mind accepts as fact will be carried out by the human body. If you think you might catch a cold off someone, then you probably will! The stronger the impressions or emotions on the mind the more certainly it will be carried out.

  Have you ever been told you don’t look well and suddenly start feeling some symptoms? This is the power of the human mind in all its glory. The unconscious mind doesn’t distinguish between what is real or unreal. Whatever our subconscious mind accepts as fact will be carried out in our bodies. The imagination has a powerful effect on the body.

  It is often said that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, and consequently the Hypnotherapist is merely a catalyst. Self- hypnosis generally consists of having a quiet undisturbed time focusing inwardly, or on an object, and permitting yourself to drift into a deeply relaxed state by talking to yourself in a positive and repetitive way. This deeply relaxed self- hypnotic state can help reduce pain, stress and anxiety, increase your energy levels and helps you to have a more positive outlook on life so you can achieve your full potential.

  Diane Edwards C.M.H. is a leading authority in the field of addictive behaviors and has helped thousands of individuals make positive changes in their lives. For more information on how Diane and Hypnosis can help you sleep better, lose weight, change some addictive behavior, or to set up a FREE Consultation,  call Diane Edwards at 1-888-800-8990 or email to  See her Website….

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