The Easy Way to Lose Weight

30 Oct



                                                                                                       No Diets – No Struggle – No Deprivation

  Are you ready to lose weight? Are you ready to get in better shape? Are you sick of looking in the mirror and seeing yourself fat and flabby? Are you tired of huffing and puffing when you walk?  Are you tired of not fitting into your clothes? Are you are tired of being tired all the time and no longer feel attractive. Think about it, if diets worked, wouldn’t everyone be thin! Diets simply don’t work! What dieting can never do is understand the reasons why people put more food into their bodies than is needed. Diets assume ‘food’ is the problem! Food is NEVER the problem!

  People eat because they’re angry, bored, lonely, depressed, stressed, upset, disappointed, or any of a myriad of reasons. Most of us use food to satisfy all kinds of hunger — emotional, intellectual, even sexual hunger. We feel the craving and assume it’s for food. The problem is that those hungers never get satisfied by food. We confuse our emotional and physical appetite. The sign of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results! Going on another diet is not the answer! You “CAN” take back control of your eating behaviors. You “CAN” reach and maintain your ideal weight permanently — with no drugs shots pre-packaged foods, or liquid protein diets. And it can be easier than you ever imagined possible.

  Hypnosis is one of the most powerful tools in the area of changing behaviors. For the past 22 years Diane Edwards has offered a powerful effective program to help you take back control "DiTheHypnotist"of your eating behaviors, to reach and maintain your ideal weight permanently — with no drugs shots pre-packaged foods, or liquid protein diets. When you resolve your issues with food, emotional eating and self sabotage, you will feel strong, in control and make healthy choices without any effort at all. Hypnosis is short-term, effective therapy and results can be seen almost immediately.

 You will experience more peace, joy and contentment as you end weight as a problem in your lifeFOREVER!

 For more information on how Hypnosis can help change addictive behaviors, or to set up a FREE Consultation,

call  Diane Edwards at 1-888-8990 or email



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